My Birthday in Ibiza!

Hey Guys!

So last week I went to Ibiza and it was in one word – unreal. We landed late Monday night and went straight to Pacha which had an event on called Flower Power. It was hands down the strangest night of my life without a doubt. It was like walking through a portal to the 60s. There were hippies everywhere which was cool and also those smelly incense burning sticks. My dad always burns them at home and they give me a awful headache so that wasn’t fab. It was just an all round funny experience. There was people painted as gods and all kinds of madnesses and this was just the first night haha!



Flower Power @ Pacha

The next day we went to Craig David’s Pool Party at Ibiza Rocks and lets just say it got very messy and we all had to put ourselves to bed by 11pm. Also have suspected broken toes on my right foot due to the fact I thought it’d be a smart/funny/entertaining idea to dive head first into the pool then realising it was the shallow end of the pool when it was abit too late and my toes had already bent backwards – wonderful. Honestly that is one of the funniest memories I have of the day, almost instantly regretting my decision – but I styled it out don’t you worry, what a gal.


Prior to diving into the pool…

Then we got to Wednesday, alive… barely. For the most important day of the calendar year – MY BIRTHDAY!! So on my birthday I literally wake up at the crack of dawn like it is Christmas. When everyone else rose like zombies from their beds from the heavy day before, I got sent out of the room and when I got back they had decorated the room with balloons and banners and all things cute!! I opened all my cards from home and had the most beautiful message from my dad.Which ended with “And you know mummy would say all these things and she still loves you xxx”. This is the first year I haven’t spent my birthday at home so it was really different for me but I couldn’t have been surrounded by more amazing girls, my best friends.


Ocean Beach Club Ibiza

To celebrate my 19 years on this earth we went to Ocean Beach Club for the day where the wine and strawberry daiquiri’s were flowing. If you ever head to Ocean make sure you get the mini burger platter and get around 100 of them because they are the most amazing things you will ever eat I promise you! After we had the best day ever we headed to a villa party for the rest of the night, which we honestly had to go on a hike to get there. It was like I was doing my Gold Duke of Edinburgh expedition to get there, it was hilarious.


Nineteenth Birthday Celebrations

Thursday day time was a massive write off but by the night our batteries were recharged and we were ready to go again. We headed to ABODE at Amnesia and this was by far my favourite night. I love ABODE back in the U.K. so it was a given that I would love it in sunny Ibiza. It was a night full of laughter, alot of bad dancing and essential fans to keep us cool.


ABODE Thursdays

We left around 6am and headed to the beach to watch the sun rise. I didn’t realise how beautiful something could be. As someone who has suffered with severe anxiety over the past few years and struggled to find anything which helps calm it I was shocked to feel the sense of relief given by the sounds of the waves as the sun rose into the sky. You can imagine, Ibiza is a very intense holiday and although my anxiety didn’t make me suffer as much as I was worried it may have, there was a lot of stress built up due to the constant go go go of the holiday and by simply watching the sun rise with the clashing of the waves, suddenly all that was gone. It helped so much I actually filmed it and since being back as whenever I have felt anxious I have put my headphones in and listened to it.


The sunrise

All in all, this has been a short but amazingly sweet holiday that as ignited my love for the island of Ibiza – just like so many other young people. I had an unbelievable time and could not have imagined anyone else I’d have rather spent it with than my six beautiful best friends. I am truly blessed to have such loving people in my life and cannot wait for our next adventure together.

Until next time Ibiza…

Soph x

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