Things That Make Me Happy – and Hopefully You Too!

Hi Angels,

Today’s just a quick post to share with you somethings that make me smile and things I enjoy. They range from small to big things and I’d be interested to know what makes you happy too! Please send me a DM on Instagram, my username is @sophienash_ and we can have a chit chat!

  1. The rain / waves / burning wood cracking – I find it so peaceful and I usually listen to it sleeping. I use an app called ‘Rain, Rain’ and you can mix up different rain sounds.
  2. Positive social media pages, my favourite is @positivelypresent on Instagram. Whenever I am having a bad day I usually read a few posts by these guys as they’re so colourful and wise, it really does help turn my day around.
  3. My friends. So cliche but my friends really do mean the world to me. They are the family I have chosen and I can always trust them to put a big smile on my face.
  4. Going for a walk with my dog – In my lowest times I rarely left my house but the one thing I did get enjoyment from was taking my little dog for walks by the lake.
  5. Shopping – every girls go to for immediate happiness, I am the WORST, I will order things I don’t need and they will sit in my wardrobe for months and I’ll go off of it. But I am such a big fashion lover, piecing together outfits and styles is something I will never grow tired of.
  6. Reading – I’m such a big reader, I love love love a good thriller, I can fly through them in a matter of days. My favourite author is Martina Cole, her style of writing is amazing and never disappoints. I also read alot of self help books and one I would definitely recommend is The Power is Within You by Louise Hay.
  7. A hot coffee on a snowy winters day – you just can’t beat it.
  8. When I’m in the car with my best friends singing at the top of our voices pure cheesy tunes, such as, Mammia Mia and Wicked soundtracks.
  9. The support I have in my life. I am so blessed and lucky to have the support system I do. I don’t always make the right decisions but we all make mistakes and no matter what I do I know I will always have the love and care around me that I do now. (I am referencing to lifestyle choices i.e. job choices etc., I’m sure if I hurt someone my friends and family would not be best pleased with me)
  10. Hugs. I am such a lover, I love affection, I’m always hugging my closest friends and family constantly. It’s a way I have been raised, I was brought up around so so so much love and I constantly emit that and seek it now.
  11. Doing my make up, does anyone else find this really therapeutic? Boys? Do you agree? I bet you do, I do.
  12. Christmas. I mean this is a given, who does not enjoy Christmas. I find the actual day very hard, but I LOVE the Christmas atmosphere. The lights, the adverts, the special hot drinks, present buying, the decorated shops. I. love. Christmas.

Thanks for reading what makes ya gal happy and smiley. Does any of this make you feel warm and fuzzy too? Let me know.

Please hit the follow button on the homepage. I really want to start building this platform up and making it more accessible for more and more people.

My next post will be on My Education Story in aid of the day some of you have been anxiously waiting for… RESULTS DAY. Which for those who don’t know, is this coming Thursday.

Speak soon,


Soph x

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