To my future self…

To my future self,

I have decided to use my blog as a place to show my journey not only for others but to the woman I will be in 5, 10 and even 20 years. I hope you are still as strong and resilient. I hope you still have that fire inside of you that lets nothing hold you back. I hope you have accepted your bad as much as you have your good. I hope you find the love you deserve.

My story has already started and I have grown and developed over the last few years and that will continue in those to come.

I hope you have learnt that not everything requires stress and worry. I hope you learn to control the temper that is ever so present in me. Sometimes no response is the best response but I definitely haven’t mastered the art of that just yet.

Remember your roots. Remember the person you were at the start of all of this. The innocence and love you held will still be there, maybe deep deep down but you still got it girl.

I hope you have a beautiful, wonderful place to call home, just like I dream about now. I hope you have a man who worships the ground you walk on. Maybe you even have a family of your own now and if you need a reminder from me to do something for yourself for once this is it. Take that bath. Read that book. Go for a walk. Do not overwork yourself as we both know how that’ll go. But also LOVE with all of your heart and do mum proud (even though I’m sure she already is).

It is so hard to write to your future self as there is no way of telling what life will mould me into.

I hope you have travelled the world and saw all the beautiful places that I’m currently on SkyScanner dreaming about everyday. Keep that tan topped up.

People may say you’ve changed as a person but honestly, that’s what life experience does. I’m not the same girl I was. But I’m a better person. It is GROWTH. Sometimes you OUTGROW people. Sometimes it isn’t YOU who has changed but you have just got too wise to stand for shit. And that is what mum gave to me (and you), the ability to hold your own and stand for what is right.

If you need a reminder that you are doing great, this is it. And if you need a reminder to reach out for help, this is it. I hope this is reread by myself for years to come, on good days and on the bad. I hope certain parts of this (different ones each time) reach out to you and allow you to recognise that just because things are the way they are now they may change. Change is okay. We can deal with change.

But one thing that won’t change is the core of person you are. We all carry it. At 19, 25 and even 50. We are all amazing.

Soph x

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