How to Deal With Heartbreak

Block them online and in person

Once you have decided enough is enough (this is hard for me as if I invest in someone I don’t give up easily but once I do it’s overrrr) it’s time to have a cleanse and remove them from your life in every aspect. I am a blocker in all honesty. If I don’t like you or you are bad for me I will block you because why would I let you have access to my life in any format? Absolutely not happening. I also have asked my friends to not mention anything about the situation going forward so I can deal with it and once I’m done moping I can get on with it. Throw everything out that reminds you of them, delete photos everything. This bit will be slightly different if you are in a relationship or not (I haven’t been in a relationship for approaching 2 years) but not every heartbreak you will have comes from a committed relationship.

Surround yourself with KIND people

I am so lucky in that my friends truly are like no other. Although recently I have distanced myself as I’ve been having a hard time they have proven that no matter what they will literally be THERE in a matter of minutes when I need them the most. I know everyone isn’t this lucky but we are very lucky in this day and age that we do have social media and can speak to others with that. Don’t be afraid to reach out. Do not be embarrassed (which is something I struggle with).

Don’t blame yourself

It is not your fault. Do not blame the actions of others on yourself. This is something I do constantly and always question myself and my choices that may have “caused” this to happen. It isn’t the case at all. The sad truth is that people do not care for you. You are number 1 to yourself at the end of the day.

Closure is bullshit

I used to be a very big believer in getting closure but have realised that sometimes getting an explanation for people’s decisions doesn’t necessarily make it easier to process and get over. It’s not going to make the behaviour go away or magically make you feel better.

Give yourself time

Cry, watch sad films, lay in bed. Give yourself time to process your emotions and I promise you eventually in the long run you will be better off. It may take a couple of days or weeks but eventually you will feel so much more clear headed. There is a saying I have heard a lot which is “to get over someone you need to get under someone” but I COMPLETELY disagree with this. It is so wrong. If you’re still feeling emotionally charged from another person, by bringing a new person into that it is so nasty and inconsiderate. It might make you feel better for 10-15 mins but you’re still gonna go home and be feeling the same feelings you did before but now with more guilt. Don’t be an idiot and move on before you’re ready.

Know that there are better days ahead

It is okay to feel the way you are feeling but they aren’t permanent feelings. Time will heal all. There will be better times but there will be heartbreak again. It is apart of life.

Everyone is trash

I scream men are trash all the time. But girls are trash too. It’s about finding the right person. You shouldn’t need to change someone to be right for you. It should be like two puzzle pieces coming together.

There isn’t anything that will cure a broken heart except time but it is just about reassuring yourself that your feelings are not wrong. They are relevant and not stupid. Most importantly you are worthy of love. You deserve the best and do not settle for less.


Sophie xx

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