Feeling Lonely? Me Too…

I’ve been thinking about what to do my next blog post on for a while, at this point you already all know a lot about my life and my experiences. I also received some negative comments regarding my blog recently which knocked my confidence a lot. However, those comments are nothing compared to the daily praise and support I get for doing them. They are what make me carry on writing. That and the fact I do find it therapeutic to release my feelings when no one is there to listen to them.

Something I have been battling recently is the feeling of loneliness. I have felt increasingly alone of late and I guess when you think about it more and more you become falling into a spiral of feeling more and more lonely. It kind of becomes an obsession of thought. I have decided to share this on my blog so that I can write some tips for myself to reflect upon and also others.

Keep Busy

Along with the loneliness my mental health has taken a knock recently and my anxiety has made a rather bold return. A way of fighting this is to keep busy (something I find hard because my sleep is affected when anxious and I become rather weak). But keeping busy means you achieve something with your day rather than just existing through the day. Whether it be throwing yourself into work or going to the shop and back. Make sure you achieve something everyday. But also recognise when your body needs rest. It deserves that much.

Lean on your support system (but not too much)

I become very dependent on friends when I hit a low point and I have come to recognise that you also need to be there for yourself. Your friends should be there to carry you through the hard times and bloody hell do I have ones that do. I am so lucky to have the selected few that I could trust with my life, even when I cannot be trusted with my own. However, it is important that you work on self support too as there will come a time when you have a dip at 4am and the rest of the world is asleep and you need to be able to calm yourself.

Recognise When You Need Immediate Help

By this I mean speaking to your doctor or counsellor or even knowing when medication is needed. I have spoken about the anti anxiety tablets I have at hand at all times just in case called Propanol. For me these are my immediate help. They give me that head start when I am getting a little too much into a fluster and I cannot physically calm down.

Embrace Your Own Company

I am still learning to do this and it really is something I struggle with. When you feel lonely it is so easy to just go down your contacts frantically looking for a friend. But you can be your own friend. It is so important to love your own company because in reality you are the only person that is confirmed to be there until the day you leave this world. Why would you not want to dedicate some time to that person? There are so many things you can do by yourself such as:

• Reading a book

• Going to the gym (not for me haha)

• Watching the TV

• Cooking

• Going to the cinema

I am writing this as this is the loneliest and most anxious I have felt in a long time. I am even anxious about posting in case I receive any more bastard negative messages. But in the next breath, I think “Who actually cares”.

Feeling lonely is not a sign of weakness. It is a sign of emotion. I see this as a positive as I know from previous experience if my mental state gets too low I become emotionally withdrawn. I am still connected. I just need to work on me. If people decide to be there for you, let them. If people decide not to be there, oh well. Instead of waiting for that “How are you today?” text, ask yourself how your day was. Ask yourself how you’re going to make a conscious effort to make tomorrow better. And the day after that. Be your own best friend.

I am keeping this post short and sweet to make it easy to read for myself and others. As I said earlier this is a post I would like to reflect on to help myself as well as you all.

If anyone is struggling at the moment, I know I say it all the time, but please message me. I am here for you.

Soph x

One thought on “Feeling Lonely? Me Too…

  1. Eddy says:

    I loved this, it’s very easy to feel lonely and alone in our society now but friends and keeping a positive mind and attitude always helps.


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