Mamma Mia the Party Review!

Sorry I’ve been so quiet angels, it’s come to that time of year again where every time you breathe it’s someone else’s birthday, outing or whatever else. I’ve just taken some time out to myself to prepare for the next few crazy months that starts from this weekend. However I did want to share with you an AMAZING show I got to experience courtesy of EssexTV.

A few Monday’s ago we had the very special opportunity to attend Mamma Mia the Party. As very hardcore Mamma Mia fans this night was set to be a success for us from the get go, and let me tell you, we were not disappointed.

We arrived at the O2 Arena and after a fairly long queue, with a programme to keep us going we were transported to a very authentic Greek setting in the restaurant of Nikos.

The setting was utterly picturesque and very intricate detail was not overlooked, from the cobbled flooring to Greek mythology fountains we were lead to the Beach Hut for welcome drinks. There was a large selection of drinks to choose from but we went for the prosecco.

With not long before the show began we were lead to our table which was on the balcony overlooking the courtyard area. Arriving at our table we were met with a lovely bottle of white wine with ‘compliments of Nikos’.

We were sat with a lovely man who in fact will be a part of the live band in a few months as the drummer. It is a very warm communal feel with all dishes being meze and ‘help yourself’. Breads, olives and dips came out to start us off. Then came the starters consisting of octopus, tradition Greek spinach pies, tomatoes and more.

The show then began, there was an all-new storyline about the family behind the setting of the film. It follows Nikos, his wife, his daughter and her forbidden love. All whilst breaking into ABBA songs. Each section lasted around 30 mins, breaking for a course in-between.

The main was beef, pork, potatoes and courgette bake. A massive plus of this experience is if you get a taste for some of the food and run out, it is unlimited and you can just ask for more.

When the show resumed we had such an up close experience with the cast, our waiter was dancing next to our table, the cast were coming through the audience singing and dancing and even encouraging you to get up and dance.

Dessert was absolutely my favourite course, I have never really been a dessert kind of girl but oh my goodness I think Greek desserts are MY thing. I tried baklava and at first looking at it I was unsure, it looked like a bit of sausage roll. But once I started I couldn’t stop!

The finale of the show was definitely my highlight of the evening. There was a montage of all the ABBA classics such as Dancing Queen, Take a Chance On Me, Money Money Money, Mammia Mia etc. A huge disco ball came down and there was confetti EVERYWHERE. There was then a dancefloor swiftly put up for everyone seated to have a dance and continue the night.

Everything was so well thought out, speaking to the cast throughout the show, they truly make you feel like you are in a little Tavern in Greece, one of the cast members even asked how my flight was! I truly feel like no detail was overlooked. Even down to the toilets and staircases. Everything was so well thought out. I don’t know what I was expecting before attending but whatever it was this exceeded my expectations above and beyond 100 times. I did not stop smiling and laughing all night long, my feet hurt from all the dancing and it is safe to say my head was hurting a little the next morning too!

Even if Mamma Mia isn’t your thing this is such a feel good night for all, whatever your preference or style you can’t help but tap your feet! I’m already dying to go back.

I’d like to thank Lorna and @EssexTV for sending us to such a wonderful night and to #MammaMiatheParty for such a fantastic show and for memories that will last forever.

Sophie xx

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