How to Love Yourself…

Hi All,

Hope your weeks are going as amazing as mine! I’m feeling very happy and for the first time in a long time I have belief that things are about to take a turn for the better. In the near future I will be doing a post updating you all on what recent events I have been going through but it isn’t suitable to do so yet. But back to the main point I am feeling AMAZING. How are you guys? Hope you’re all okay. You will have good weeks, and bad. No two weeks will be the same. But the main thing you should carry week in week out is to LOVE YOURSELF.

I’ve put together a checklist of sorts to help myself (and you) have faith and love within myself. This is in no way the be all and end all holy grail of how to be happy or how to love yourself but it is a start.

Stop feeling the need to be PERFECT – Being perfect is impossible. What even is perfect? It is so cliche but you might see the girl/boy down the road and think she is living the dream and you aspire to be like that. You may spend every second of every day striving to be as “happy” as them but in reality behind closed doors the life they live is nothing as you imagined. Basically, what I am trying to say is, stop comparing yourself to others and just feel comfortable in yourself. None of us will never be perfect.

Stop accommodating other people  – As a woman I naturally feel the need to provide love and care for others but sometimes people take, take, take and there is no give back. I am all for being there for someone for as long as they need you but if the tables turn and they are aware and are still nowhere to be seen, have the strength to walk away. This is something I struggle with myself because when I love someone in my life, in all forms, I love completely with everything I have. This is due to the amazing love I was raised with and I sometimes forget people are not as loving as this.

Stop worrying about what people think of you – As I am writing this I am realising these are all things I do and I need to consciously make effort to stop. Who cares if you’ve put a bit of weight on. Who cares if your not as happy and loud as usual. Who cares if you don’t go on that night out. Who cares if you want to have a right boogie with your friends and be a bit embarrassing. Who. actually. cares. I’ve been putting this into practice and it truly works if you just think “Fuck it” and do what makes you happy. Everything then feels that little bit more rewarding.

Choose to consciously praise yourself – Why is it as humans we look for validification in others, why can’t we praise ourselves? “Wow that was an excellent bit of work Sophie, Wow Soph that dress looks lovely on you!” NEVER something I say to myself. ALWAYS something I hope to hear from friends or family. Why is this? Time to attempt to make a change. Praise yourself. Praise others.

Learn to forgive yourself – We all make mistakes. Some we learn from, some we have to live with. I know if I do something wrong I want to do everything in my power to fix it but the reality is I can’t. As I mentioned earlier when I love I love completely so the thought of hurting someone else turns my stomach. Sometimes your efforts to prove you’re sorry aren’t accepted – which is fine but you need to learn to forgive yourself otherwise it’ll keep eating you up and always be in the back of your head. The best thing to do is acknowledge your mistake, try and rectify it, if not get yourself up learn from it and move on.

This is a post I hope I look back on in the future and can look down thinking “tick tick tick tick” and be truly confident in myself. I hope you can too.


Soph x

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