Hello lovelies,

So I was meant to do this blog post agesss ago but I haven’t actually had time to have one of these nights to myself. I didn’t want to rush it and wanted it to be as spot on as it could be to what I do when I need a little bit of a relax and unwind.

A general life update for you… I have been feeling a little anxious over this weekend and have tried to keep myself busy to distract myself from my feelings but this never works for me, which I should know by now as it means I can’t sleep at night and then end up sleeping my days away. The reason I’m feeling anxious isn’t due to something bad at all, I start my new job tomorrow which I’m feeling really positive about and looking forward to a new beginning due to being extremely unhappy at my last job. Feeling anxious because of a new job is a normal emotion to feel but I have to be very careful that this emotion doesn’t spiral and I have to ensure I do not get myself into a state. How better to de-stress than to have a self lovin chill out.

So first thing I do (when I have eyelash extensions on) is get some baby shampoo and the little brush. I wet the brush and put some baby shampoo on the back of my hand and lather the brush into the shampoo. Then I carefully brush through my lashes with the shampoo on the brush. After I have done this I rinse all the shampoo off of the brush with some warm water. When I have thoroughly cleaned the brush of all suds I brush my lashes through again but this time with just water on the brush. When I have eyelash extensions I have Russian Volume and by cleaning them like this once a week it keeps the fans on each extension open and keeps them looking fluffy. When I have my lashes done I go to @danielle_dolls_  who is based in Wickford and honestly since I’ve found Danielle I just wouldn’t go to anybody else. She is amazing, I have had this set in since the week before I went to Ibiza and had them infilled once, 3 weeks ago and they’re still looking unreal.

WhatsApp Image 2018-08-27 at 16.50.16

Next, when my skin has some breakouts I use a Lush face mask which is actually magic. I, by no stretch of the imagination have bad skin, I am lucky in the sense I have always had generally clear skin. However, when I am feeling particularly anxious I tend to break out with a couple of spots. When this happens I literally put the mask of Magnaminty on and by the morning it has dried all my spots out. it is literally unreal and my go to. I put this on whilst my bath is running and leave it to dry until I wash my hair. It has such a minty smell but it also makes my skin feel revitalised and fresh.

WhatsApp Image 2018-08-27 at 16.50.18

I usually light a candle when I am having a bath just because it adds to the chilled out vibe and I find it really effective in calming my anxiety. I usually listen to the “30mins of Relaxation” on YouTube. There is no particular one that I listen to, any of them do the trick. I usually have the volume really low as I also read in the bath and can’t focus on that if there is a lot of background noise. I usually use the Christmas scented Yankee Candle Minis as they are my favourite. I only like the musky, aftershave smelling ones as I find the cinnamon scented ones rather overpowering.  Whilst I am waiting for my face mask to dry I tend to read. I have always been a big reader, I love reading any kind of thriller or self help book. At the moment I am reading The Power is Within You by Louise Hay. I have mentioned this book before and am actually re reading it as it is quite a lot to take in just to read once. It has really helped me with the way I handle emotions. I would definitely recommend to anyone, even if you don’t suffer with anxiety you can apply it to any real life situation.

WhatsApp Image 2018-08-27 at 16.50.19

After the mask is completely dry and ready to come off I then empty my bath and turn the shower on to wash my hair. I have really thick hair it takes a really powerful blast of water for me to be able to give it a good scrub haha. I use TRESemme shampoo and conditioner. I tend to wash my hair twice with shampoo just because it is really thick and I want to clean it properly. Once it is rinsed I then use a palm sized amount of conditioner on the ends of my hair. I don’t put any conditioner on my root as it makes your hair look greasy. I brush my hair through so the conditioner is properly worked into the ends of my hair. I then leave it for around 5-10 minutes and have a little wash. I use boys shower gel, usually Lynx because I prefer the smell and find I feel a lot cleaner (sorry dad it is me who uses all your shower gel).  Once everything is off I will get out of the shower, put some comfy pyjamas on and stick some Netflix on.

WhatsApp Image 2018-08-27 at 16.50.20

So this is my self love night in, hope it is as clear as it can be. If you have any questions or suggestions for future blog posts my DMs are always open on Instagram which is @sophienash_.

WhatsApp Image 2018-08-27 at 16.50.18 (1)

Hope to hear from you soon.


Soph x


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